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We are happy to accommodate groups outside of regular exhibit hall hours.  You may register online or call (605)224-8295  to arrange your visit.

With School Check Without School Check
K – 6th Grade $2.50 $2.70
Grade 7 – 12 $3.30 $3.57
Parents/Chaperone $3.30 $3.57

School employees (teachers, bus drivers, aides) are free!


Go deeper into science learning and hands-on discovery.  Extend your visit to our exhibit hall with one of our fun, interactive programs.

StarLab: Our most popular show. Learn the constellations in our portable planetarium. Greek or Lakota stories. $50 1/2 hour show. 25 students. Grades K – 12.

The Story of Lewis and Clark: Come along a on a journey with Lonis Wendt a local historian as he tells us the amazing story of the famous explorers Lewis and Clark $100 1 hour show. 30 students.

Watershed Investigation: Be a water scientist. Play a game to analyze a sample of aquatic insects to learn what they say about water quality. Use simple equipment to test stream water…what will you find? Participate in a demonstration of how water gets polluted in the first place. $40 (subsidized by 319 I&E). 1 hour show. 30 students. Grades 6 – 8.

Leopold Education Project: Meet Aldo Leopold. Author and conservationist Aldo Leopold wrote a Sand County Almanac over 60 years ago. Today, his work has been extended into hands-on activities that teach about the environment and our place in it. Fun session utilizes language arts, geography and ecology skills. $40 (subsidized by 319 I&E). 1 hour show. 30 students. Grades 4 – 12.

Bubble Festival: Based on the GEMS kit, this hands-on, inquiry based exploration of bubble science will develop questioning, observation and problem solving.  $100.  1 hour program. 30 students. Grades K – 6.

Bankwest Program Scholarships

If you live in Hughes, Stanley, Pennington, Davison, Walworth, Tripp, Potter, Sully Lyman, Jackson, Todd or Gregory Counties, you are eligible for half off an in house program thanks to a generous donation from BankWest.  No applications, no forms to fill out, just schedule a program with your next SD Discovery Center trip and let us know you want a program courtesy of BankWest.

Scavenger Hunt

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