Water Festivals

Below is a list of active water festivals in South Dakota.

Sioux Empire Water Festival.
Sioux Falls and environs.
Tuesday/Wednesday of University of Sioux Falls’ spring break
Contact: Harley Shafer harley.shafer@sd.nacdnet.net

Big Sioux Water Festival.
Brookings and surrounding counties.
2nd Tuesday in May
Contact: Deb Springman edwdd4@brookings.net

School of Mines and Technology.
Rapid City.
2nd Tuesday in May.
Contact: Nancy Anderson-Smith (605) 394-2692

Missouri River Watershed Festival.
Yankton. Grades 7-12
Contact: Tim Cowman tim.cowman@usd.edu

Vermillion River Days.
Vermillion. 5th Graders
Contact: Grace Freeman gracefreeman@live.com

Northern Prairie Water Festival.
Aberdeen and surrounding areas.
Third Thursday in September.
Contact: Mary Clawson mary.clawson@state.sd.us

Central South Dakota Water Festival.
Pierre/Ft. Pierre and surrounding counties.
Last Tuesday of September
Contact: Anne Lewis annelewis@sd-discovery.com

West River Water Festival
Contact:  Anne Lewis annelewis@sd-discovery.com