Watershed Info and Education

Goals and Outcomes

The SD Discovery Center through the 319 I&E Project offers the following resources for watershed information and education events:

Mini-Grants: The SD Discovery Center administrates the I&E Mini-grant program for outreach projects not associated with an implementation project. Previous and current mini-grant recipients as well as mini-grant request for proposals can be found at: 319 mini-grants

Water Festivals: Start up funds are available to bring a water festival, a hands-on learning event for 4th graders, to your community. Some limitations apply.

Training: Learn how to do or improve your water presentations for classrooms and youth. Project WET is an internationally recognized curriculum that has trained thousands of educators to implement hands-on learning about water. The Leopold Education Project is a resource for understanding watershed conservation.

Support for World Water Monitoring Day. Bring water quality monitoring to your community’s schools, Scout groups, 4H clubs and other youth organization. You can request a World Water Monitoring Day kit. World Water Monitoring Kit Info

Project WET materials discount
The coordinator discount will be passed along to agencies and organizations ordering Project WET publication through the SD Discovery Center. Shipping charges apply. Available only to South Dakota audiences.

Loaner Resources
You can borrow any of the items below for three weeks. Borrower is responsible for return shipping.

Ground Water model,
Secret Agent Worm Soil Kit,
Macromania Game
Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Kit
Wetlands Trunk
Lakes and Streams trunk
Watershed maps (North America, Missouri River & South Dakota)